The Zen of Paddle Boarding


Have you ever had the experience where your mind goes blank but you do not realize it until afterwards? Well, that’s what happened to me last Saturday.

The moment I paddle out onto the water I am alone: alone with my thoughts, alone with the ocean. I never realized the zen involved in paddle boarding. Without even knowing it, your mind can drift to another place. A place where nothing is everything. Meditation, right? Paddle boarding is the closest I have ever come to meditation. Your arms create a rhythm with paddling; your feet are glued to one position; your eyes are fixed on an object; and your ears enjoy the sound of nothing more than the birds overhead and the movement of the ocean. In the midst of this, you do not realize the sun, breeze, and water are stronger forces than the mind is aware. With a combination of nature and the mind’s willpower, serenity is found, even for a brief second. The sense of comfort and peace that losing all thoughts brings creates, for me at least, a yearning for more; a yearning to learn more about how to dive deeper into a meditative state. Paddle boarding is the answer. I’ve made a commitment to myself that each time I go I will practice meditation. It is the ideal spot to be alone, think, and eventually not think at all. Go out and try it: breathe, clear your mind, and repeat. Pura Vida Ride will equip you with the perfect board to make this new age journey.