Sunday was a busy day for Pura Vida Ride. Our fancy Salvatore espresso machine never had a cool second; ring pops ruled the cash register, and conversations ran deep. Kids ran in and out with smiling faces, begging for parental approval to have some tasty Italian gelato from the nearby Potrero.

Why all the fuss? CEPIA held their annual fundraiser at Playa Danta in collaboration with Las Catalinas. Coming directly from their website, CEPIA (Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents) is a Costa Rican non-profit organization that seeks to promote culture, health, sports and education for children and teenagers from low-income families in the coastal communities of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


Eyeballing the crowd, it is safe to say about three-hundred people were floating around at its high point, maybe more. At the entrance, Christmas decorations made by children of all ages and schools lined an endless table hoping for a chance to win the competition. A variety of stations targeted the imaginations of children such as a reading center, art center, exciting games, a Treasure Hunt, and none other than Santa Claus himself! Throughout the morning, talented children and teens got up on stage to perform. From the shop you could hear young voices singing Adele as well as guitar solos. If we glanced out the window girls performed everything from Latin dances to interpretive pieces. As the performances came to a halt, the stand-up paddle board race started to build up its competitors, and the race began around mid-day. Yet in the end, Pura Vida Ride’s one-and-only Jake Jacobs won the race with his Bark board by Surftech with Forrest Folger paddling into second. All proceeds from the rentals went towards CEPIA’s meaningful cause.
All in all, the CEPIA event receives an A+ in the eyes of Pura Vida Ride. We were more than happy to participate in a local organization and donate a part of our revenue to continue the support of their endless efforts. Stand Up for CEPIA! Kudos for a fantastic, fun-loving event.