Here are the official rules that will govern the races on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at the Pura Vida Ride Paddle Battle.  If you have any questions, please email us.


paddle battle map 1


Pura Vida Ride Paddle Battle 2012




a.              Race schedule: Organizer’s Responsibility.
A race briefing for competitors is mandatory prior to each race.  Within this briefing, course layout / description, event rules, safety issues and competitor questions will be covered.


b.              Race Craft & Specifications:

1.         Distance and Sprint Class Races

12’6” Class Board

                                    Maximum length – 12’6”

                                    Maximum width – 33 inches

                                    Fixed Fin, no rudder


2.         Family Race

                                    Any watercraft that is human powered

                                    Rudders allowed

                                    Minimum two people to qualify


c.              General Race Rules [All classes]:


1.              Single blade paddle to be used.


2.              Rider must be standing at all times while paddling.


3.              Competitors must follow the designated set course, to be manned by water    marshals and rescue staff.


4.              The nose of the craft is the designated point for crossing the finish line when   determining relative placing.


5.              The finish and start lines must be designated by two buoys and legal competitors must have not crossed this line when the starter begins the race.


6.              No extraneous aids are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to swim fins, engines, wind catching devices [i.e.: sails, baggy clothing, etc] and personal support teams.  No twin hulls allowed (i.e.: catamarans).


7.              Wetsuits and hats [sun protection] are permissible.


8.              Competitors may be required to have an official mark / race vest and / or race number on their arm, which must remain on the individual throughout the event. No competitor shall be recorded as a finisher unless carrying the official mark / wearing the official vest and number on their arm.


9.              Organizers reserve the right to accept, reject and cancel entries.


10.           Protests must be made in writing and given to the Race Director within fifteen  minutes of the announcement of the provisional results. All decisions of the Race Director will be final.


11.           Race officials shall have the ultimate and final authority to remove a competitor from the race if the competitor is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without the risk of injury.


12.           Each entrant must sign the indemnity declaration on the Entry Form before the vent. If under 18, the parent or guardian must sign.


13.           The organizers reserve the right to reject or cancel any entry.