At PURA VIDA RIDE we rent a whole bunch of equipment, ranging from mountain bikes to kayaks and standup paddleboards (SUPs).  We also rent stuff like volleyballs, nets, bocce ball, and snorkel gear!  One of the questions we often are asked in the shop is, "So how's the snorkelling and sea life out there?"


It's true that weather and ocean conditions such as swell size, tide, wind, and rain all affect the clarity of the water; sometimes on a daily basis.  The anticipation and mystery of it is part of what makes our playground so much fun!  Despite the elements we can't control, our playground is a large flatwater bay that is flanked by steep cliffs and reefs that drop into the ocean.  These reefs are havens for a host of wildlife, including puffer fish, parrot fish, starfish, and lobster, to name just a few.  Further out in the bay its normal to see "bait balls" (schools of small fish surfacing in a frenzy as they are chased by their brethren further up the foodchain), turtles, rays (often launching themselves 6 feet out of the air and doing acrobatics), and once in a while a whale and her calf!


Below is a short video that shows some of the abundant sealife around the reefs in Danta.  Come and visit us and check it out for yourself!