Stand Up Paddle Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the most popular activities in the country. For those unfamiliar with Stand Up Paddle Boarding(SUP), it’s a new sport with roots in Hawaiian culture and associated with classic surfing. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is easier to learn and master than classic surfing, helping it gain followers quickly. 

The boards used in Stand Up Paddle Boarding are similar to long boards for surfing and are generally nine to twelve feet in length, although sometimes they are even longer. Stand Up Paddle Boards tend have three fins on the bottom back end of the board, just like surf boards. One paddle is used to propel and navigate the board. The paddle is similar to that of a canoe paddle, but generally tends to be a bit longer. The price for new Stand Up Paddle Boards range from $1,000 to $2,500 (USD). Due to the increased popularity of Stand Up Paddle Costa Rica, there are many SUP rental shops throughout the different beach towns of both the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is especially popular in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica.

The beaches of the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, in particular Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo, Playa Danta, Playa Coco, Playa Grande, and Avellanas, are ideal locations for both beginners and experts in Stand Up Paddle Boarding. For years, these beaches have been popular destinations for surfers due to the many great breaks along the coast. Now, thanks to Stand Up Paddle Boarding, even more people are able to enjoy water activities, even when the waves aren’t ideal for classic surfing. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is easy to learn and usually after an hour or so with an instructor, either on a river or on open ocean, most people will feel confident. All you need to learn to Stand Up Paddle Costa Rica is a little bit of balance and a sense of adventure!

Stand Up Paddle Costa Rica    Another reason the sport has become so popular in Costa Rica is because of its low environmental impact. Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally conscious and green countries in the world, so it’s no surprise that a sport like Stand Up Paddle Boarding has become so popular. SUP is a great way to explore the coastal regions of Costa Rica and also the rivers, mangroves, and estuaries that feed into the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to the design of the Stand Up Paddle Board, riders only minimally disturb the water and make almost no noise, creating the perfect conditions to catch glimpses of tropical fish, rays, turtles, monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and water birds hanging out by rivers or by the beach. Stand Up Paddle Boarding allows people to explore in a whole new way.

If you’re planning a vacation, don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy Stand Up Paddle Costa Rica. With the sport growing in popularity in Costa Rica and around the world, you’ll want to become an expert so you can continue to enjoy this fun and exciting activity anywhere in the world. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on tours and rentals during your stay.  

  Sunset Stand Up Paddle Costa Rica