We Serve the Best Coffee in Guanacaste!

We knew when we opened Pura Vida Ride that serving a consistently good cup of quality coffee was going to be fundamental...

Served any way you like!

We started by sourcing organically grown coffee from Costa Rica's central valley.  We have proudly brewed Cafe Cristina since we opened our doors. Cafe Cristina is an organic shadegrown coffee farm, dedicated to producing the finest Arabica coffee while protecting and preserving  native flora and fauna.

Next, we made sure we had the right brewing equipment for espresso drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, amongst a host of other hot and cold offerings.  

Finally we trained!  Yep... we made lots and lots of coffee and train our staff diligently on what a good dry cappuccino is and what a real latte is.

The results?  We have clients and friends that travel miles to visit us for a good cup of coffee, and we think you'll agree with their assessment: it's the best in Guanacaste.