Hovie SUP 12'6" Nomad

Hovie Nomad 12'6"
Hovie Nomad SUP
Hovie Nomad SUP
Hovie Nomad SUP
Hovie Nomad 12'6"
Hovie Nomad SUP
Hovie Nomad SUP
Hovie Nomad SUP

Hovie SUP 12'6" Nomad

450.00 1,850.00

Hovie SUP Nomad 12'6" Touring stand-up Paddle Board

Fair condition.

Full rail tape added ($120 value)

Class: Touring
Designer: Tim Kernan 

Standard Specifications

Nomad / Length: 12'6” Width: 30.5" Volume: 272.9 liters


Construction 2-piece hollow shell, vacuum-resin infused, epoxy bonded proprietary patent-pending joint
Skins: e-glass cloth 6oz/4oz w/reinforced areas
Resin system vinylester epoxy
Core: Polyurethane honeycomb
Chafe protection: High strength, abrasion resistant polyurethane band around rail-color matched
Finish: 10-15 mil isopthalic gel coat finish, solid color
Leash plug: (1) Reinforced area at the tail suitable for tapping machine screw(s) for leash anchor
Internal core: Minimum3 ft3 cnc-machined 1lb/ft3 EPS foam, min
Vent: (1) Gore tex 12.5mm waterproof vent plug
Fin Box: (1) 10.5" integrated centerline fin box
Anchor points: (4) reinforced areas at the deck forward for fastening low profile Sea-lect deck cleats
Handle: (1) Reinforced area at the handle suitable for tapping machine screws
Rental Nomad and Manta composite: Promat hybrid fiberglass with vinylester resin 

Custom printed deck graphic
Removable Single fin
EVA Traction pad
Center Handle
Leash plug
Deck tie down fittings with bungee cord
Access port/storage (1) 4" access port at deck forward w/ option for nylon insert gear bag

These boards are available with a custom graphic option: The Nomad and Manta are the Perfect all around Touring SUP design. Very stable, Very Fast! Designed for beginner to expert paddlers, Great for long distance paddles, SUP fishing, family fun, even Rec racing.  
Hand made in the USA! 

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