New Starboard SUP Nut 9'5"


New Starboard SUP Nut 9'5"

1,750.00 1,950.00

9’5” X 29” NUT

  • 9’5” glide and long board style with short board maneuverability from the 8’5” Pro tail for riders up to 95kg.
  • Small and gutless to large powerful waves, it has a massive wave riding range.
  • Mid V gives sensitive rail to rail turning from the standing area.
  • The Nut outline accelerates water as you apply rail pressure, so when you utilize the mid-section V, you get incredible sensitivity, drive and speed from the subtlest of movements.
  • Available in Blue Carbon, Pine Tek and Starlite Technologies.
  • Bottom Shape: “Mono-concave to V to mid section”
  • Mono-concave in the nose provides lift, V in the mid section combines with the Nut outline for smooth rail-to-rail transitions. Tail concave delivers fast driven tight cutbacks.
  • We use inverted EVA deck pads to avoid waste, thus every second board will have a reverse color combination from what is featured.





Tail Width:17.3”

Volume:140 L

Suggested Rider
Weight Range 120-220 lbs

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